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Michael S. Prokop, M.Ed., CSP, LPC, BCPC


Michael S. Prokop, is a national speaker, Certified School Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Sports Psychology Consultant, and American Psychotherapy Association Board Certified Professional Counselor-Diplomat, specializing in relaxation therapy, mindfulness awareness training, rational emotive psychotherapy, anger management, mental toughness training, and performance enhancement. As a consulting school psychologist he has conducted hundreds of psychological evaluations and continues to provide individual and group therapy for clients with various emotional, intellectual, attentional focus, motivational and learning challenges. He has authored three children’s books regarding adjustment issues and his counseling experiences include 23 years in private practice, 15 years part time at The Developmental Clinic, and over 12 combined years at Kent State University teaching undergraduate psychology classes and graduate level workshops. For six years he also provided psychological counseling services for the Kent State T.R.I. (Toward Retention Intervention) Program.

He currently consults in numerous schools and agencies and is an Adjunct Professor at Ashland University. His graduate courses at Ashland University include the following topics: Mindful Leadership; Trauma and PTSD; Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Bullies; Mindfulness and MBSR; Grief and Loss; The Mind/Body Connection and Brain Based Interventions; Mental Toughness Training, Mindfulness and Adaptive Competence; Forgiveness and Anger; and Motivating, Focusing, and Energizing Students and Athletes. Guest speakers and co-presenters at his recent classes and lectures include U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan, author of “A Mindful Nation”; Pittsburg Steeler’s running back Dri Archer; and Michigan State 2012 Final Four basketball player Anthony Ianni. As a sports psychology consultant, he also maintains a private practice and his current clients include numerous college and professional athletes.

As a member of the American Psychotherapy Association, he presented the lecture entitled “Helping Clients Cope with Adversity: Positive Energy, Mindfulness, and Mental Toughness” at The 2013 Executive Summit in Tucson, AZ. He continues to lecture and provide seminars on the above topics at local, state and national conferences. If you are interested in having Michael S. Prokop speak at one of your conferences/meetings, you can contact him directly on this website.