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Centering Techniques for Stress

Centering Techniques for Coping With Stress

by Elena Stewart

Sheltering in place, social distancing, wearing masks, toilet paper outages, DIY haircuts—wow, life sure has been weird the last year! If you’re feeling off-kilter, know that you’re not alone. All these changes threw everyone for a loop. There are ways to help you regain your center of gravity, though, so we’ve pooled some terrific resources to help you through each day. 

Lighten Your Load

On top of your normal duties, there is a good chance you’re cooking more than usual and possibly working from home. A few tools to ease your burdens can reduce stress, alleviating that overwhelmed sensation and even freeing up a little downtime in your days.   

Tackle Your Tension

Loosening up your schedule does you no good if your mind is caught in a negative thought pattern. Take action against stress so you can relax and stay positive.

Small Projects for the Bigger Picture

Finding small but meaningful projects can help you see progress so days don’t run together and you get into a new groove. With that in mind, why not undertake a few bigger projects that support your healthy initiatives?

Feeling overwhelmed is understandable and noticing and flowing with your feeling can help you let go. Reduce your workload and stress levels, and do some projects that support your well-being. You’ll feel more centered, thanks to your good choices. 

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